Does the current state of your sales-marketing alignment trip up your content experience? A new study from SiriusDecisions shows that content misalignment increases as we move from the early stages to the later stages of the buyer’s journey. 

On one side of the gap, sales teams feel like they don’t have the marketing resources they need to do their job well. On the other side, marketers are frustrated that they don’t get insight into how the marketing materials they created are being used and how effective they are. In the end, the consumer suffers -- and so does your bottom line. 

You will learn how to:

  • Align sales content & programs with the buyer journey & persona
  • Enable sales teams to make data-driven content decisions
  • Gain insight into content usage and performance across online and offline channels
  • Leverage internal resources so they support real-time selling situations and maximize impact
Gil Canare
Senior Research Director, SiriusDecisions

Gil has 15 years of experience defining and implementing marketing strategy for multinational companies across traditional and digital vehicles and channels. He has architected and managed global marketing teams and infrastructures, including online, marketing automation, globalization and marketing operations.

Daniel Gaugler

Daniel is responsible for the creation and execution of PFL’s strategic marketing initiatives, generating demand and evolving the company’s brand. He draws from a strong technology background and has been with PFL for over 12 years. Daniel is passionate about building tools and systems that help marketers achieve their goals. His personal passions are teaching his son and daughter anything, wakeboarding, basketball, and building anything from Jeeps to forts.

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